Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jewelry Care, QuixPal Costume Jewellery Care Provides Beautiful Kundan Jewelry in Patra Style


Perfume/Spray is a NO-NO

Lotion is a NO-NO 


Unlike your silver and gold that can be placed in jewelry cleaner and polished, your costume jewelry requires different care. These pieces will last a long time if you follow specific practices in wearing and caring for them.


  1. Keep your jewelry away from dust, which can be damaging to the stones.
  2. Store your costume jewelry separately in soft pouches or boxes so the pieces don't scratch each other.
  3. Simply put, your costume jewelry pieces need to be the LAST thing you put on just prior to leaving the house in the morning, and the FIRST thing you remove upon arriving home in the evening. Keeping this practice will mean less wear/tear on your jewelry, giving you longer use out of it.
  4. DO NOT SPRAY any PERFUMES or HAIRSPRAYS after you've put your Kundan jewelry on, because this will alter the finish on the piece. It could change colors or get ruined somehow, and you wouldn't want this for your new investment. Some costume jewelry is quite pricey!
  5. Do not wear lotion around your neck or wrists when wearing costume jewelry for the same reasons listed above - it could ruin the finish on the necklaces/bracelets.
  6. Try not to touch or let others touch your jewelry, as the oil from your/their fingers will transfer onto the pieces. Remember to occasionally use a cotton cloth to wipe down the jewelry is a good idea.
  7. Removal of Kundan fashion rings, hathphul etc. prior to hand washing would also be a good preventive measure for longer-lasting wear of your new jewelry. 

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    1. Never wear costume jewelry in the bath/shower!
    2. Avoid using soap and water to clean your jewelry because the soap can leave a residue on the metal and stones, making them look dull.
    3. Do not use rubbing alcohol on plastics in costume jewelry as this may dull the finish.
    4. Try to stay away from soaking your gemstones if you like their vibrant color.

    Quick Tips:

    1. Periodically check your costume jewelry for loose stones.
    2. Cleaning your costume jewelry once monthly will keep it looking fresh.
    3. Keep a very soft cloth that can also be used to wipe your pieces and polish them to a shine.
    Know that by following these simple steps, you will have many happy years together with your new jewelry additions.

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    What is Cubic Zirconia?

    Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds. Because of its startling diamond-like appearance and inexpensive price tag, cubic zirconia is a highly popular gemstone used most frequently in jewelry such as necklace, bridal set, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

    Cubic zirconia  is crystalline, flawless, and clear enough to rate a “D” on the diamond scale for color. Though usually colorless, it can also be made in nearly any color, including soft yellow, characteristic of some diamonds.

    It’s an artificial alternate for diamonds. It is much closer to the physical characteristics of a real diamond than other imitations.

    Cubic zirconia (also known simply as ‘cz’) is the finest available alternative to a diamond. This is because it has many of the properties of a diamond. It has the same shape and colour and, like a diamond, cannot be scratched by dirt or sand. Most people, even trained gemmologists, cannot tell the difference between a well-cut cubic zirconia stone and a diamond using only the naked eye.

    Cubic zirconia  sparkles brighter than crystal and is harder than most gems, making it very durable. It also weighs about 65% more than diamond. However, if there is an obvious difference between the two to the untrained eye, it is that cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion rate than diamond.

    In the case of gemstones, dispersion refers to the ability of a mineral to split light into separate wavelengths, creating prism-like colors or “fire.” Because cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion rate than diamond, when light shines on cubic zirconia, it brilliantly sparkles with many different colors refracted in its crystalline structure.

    Though very attractive, it “outshines” a diamond in this sense, potentially giving itself away. Efforts continue to be made by some manufacturers of cubic zirconia to render the gem even more diamond-like. It is already so close in appearance that, in some instances, a jeweler’s loop is necessary to tell it from a high-quality diamond.

    While a cubic zirconia wedding band might not have the same “ring” as diamond, it is a great alternative for affordable, yet beautiful jewelry. Perhaps the best person to buy a cubic zirconia gift for is yourself.

    Splurge on the “diamond” necklace/ring you’ve always wanted, or that beautiful bracelet. You can wear it out on the town without worrying about its dollar value, but still looking like a million bucks.

    In addition, it is of note that cubic zirconia is a man made crystal. If, therefore, a piece of cubic zirconia is not perfect, it is discarded. Only the highest grade and most beautifully polished cubic zirconia stones are used throughout our golden and silver jewellery collection. We believe that cubic zirconia is not merely a diamond substitute but a beautiful semi-precious gem in its own right.

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

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